Because most people won't be very interested in reading about some random person on the Internet, here's a link directly to my projects.

About Me

My name is Peter Güttinger, I'm in my twenties, and currently studying Computer Sciences at ETH Zürich in Switzerland.

Programming is my main hobby, and most of the results of this hobby can be found on my projects page.

In the realm of computers, my main interest lies in programming languages. I know quite a few popular languages, and have also created several simple ones myself, including one that has a natual English syntax.

I've been working on a new general-purpose programming language for a few years now, but don't expect to be finished anytime soon. It will not be perfect, but it's going to be a lot more useful than many languages existing today (at least in my opinion).

Programming Languages I Know

The name of this website, "njōl", is an Old Norse word meaning fog, night, or darkness. I also use this name as username often, or "njolbrim" if it is already taken.

Several of my projects also use Old Norse names, for example my upcoming programming language is named after Brokkr, a dwarf smith from Norse Mythology.

Contact Info

You can send me emails at [email protected].