Congratulations, you have found the website of Peter Güttinger aka Njol! In case you came here because of my programs, you might want to straightforwardly head to my projects. If you however came here for any other reason, just take a look around (there isn't much more than my projects on this site yet though).
If you're curious you can also find out who I am.

This website is still under construction, and I'd appreciate some feedback. If you feel like you have a good idea, please email me at hntjol@gmxh.chh.com =).

For those who wonder about my nickname:
Njōl is one of several Old Norse words for fog, night, or darkness, depending on the dialect. It is related to ‘nifl’ (darkness) as in niflheimr. Today, it is still present in Icelandic as njóla (night).
I first chose this name for my sneaky Skyrim character (thus the “dark” meaning of the name) after playing as mage for a while. As I played the game for several weeks I started to like the name and now it's my ‘official’ nickname.
BTW: I switched to sneaking because magic was blatantly underpowered, unaware that sneaking is way too overpowered. But fortunately there are mods to make enemies stronger ;).