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EHP vs. physical
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EHP vs. magical
Movement speed
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HeroBuild Name
Note: Hero builds are saved to local storage,
which should save them persistently on a single computer.
You can use these buttons to save to a different location
or to create a manual backup though.

Create an item build and get detailed information on which items are most effective next.
Calculations are based on the chosen hero, levelled abilities, and items in the inventory.
For Dota 2 version 6.88.

Use the + on the very left of an item row to add it to the inventory.
Items marked [upgrade] will upgrade existing items in your inventory, and are calculated accordingly with reduced effects and reduced cost.
Press ctrl+F to find an item by its name.
Hover over an abbreviation to learn its meaning.
Please Note

Most items and abilities with cooldown have their effects averaged over the cooldown, e.g. Phase Boots are calculated as having a small constant movement speed bonus, unless their duration is long enough like Mask of Madness or Orchid Malevolence.
Most abilities have no effect except for their mana cost, or might even have wrong effects ( if you would like a certain hero's abilities to be added properly).
Most incompatible items are not checked, be careful with those! For example, unique attack modifiers, incompatible buffs and auras, and multiple Maelstroms/Mjollnirs are handled as if they would all work together and stack additively.
A few items and some abilities are approximated. For example, Echo Sabre's second attack is calculated as an additional instantaneous attack, Bounty Hunter's Jinada is calculated differently from other crits and e.g. does not increase cleave damage, and Batrider's Sticky Napalm currently only increases attack damage.

Damage block, illusions, and creeps are not implemented (yet), except for Necronomicon.
May still contain some bugs.
Visible columns
Values for the 'combined' column (in gold per unit, e.g. 1 damage per second is worth 100 gold)