This Website

This website is written in PHP and runs on an Apache server. I don't really like PHP, as debugging is difficult (there are almost no errors as not even undeclared variables are considered errors). But as you can see it's possible to make a website with it, and it didn't take very long.
Update: I stumbled across an article that summarises most of PHP's issues: PHP: a fractal of bad design

Dota 2 Item Calculator

I wrote a calculator for Dota 2 mostly for personal use, but it's publicly available on this website. It might or might not be up-to-date, check the version in the top right corner to make sure.


I developed my own markup language for this website. I use it to write pages and you can use a (hardly) limited version to write comments (though comments have been disabled as people were asking questions which belong on forums). I didn't use any existing language because the ones I know are missing the features I want and some have a weird or cumbersome syntax. Using a self-made language also has the advantage that I can easily include new features.
You can find a complete list of its syntax here which is mostly for my own reference.

Untitled Programming Language

Since I don't like any of the existing popular programming languages (at least those listed on Wikipedia), I decided to make my own. I've been working on it for over a year and still don't have a compiler though ^^'


Skript is a plugin for Bukkit. It allows server admins to modify many aspects of the game, using a hopefully easy and intuitive language: All scripts are written in more or less normal English sentences. The program itself is written in Java like Bukkit and Minecraft.
I stopped developing it around 2014, when there was some drama going on at Bukkit that made me lose the last bit of motivation. I handed over development and don't know much about its status any more.


Yggdrasil is a data format to store object graphs, implemented in Java. I created this for a game I'm working on (though I'm not sure anymore whether I actually need something like this), and it's also used in Skript since version 2.1.
My programming language is going to include serialization based on this, though due to the different language features it will me a bit different.


Physicssite is a GUI for rigid-body physics simulation. It started as Matura thesis and was my first real programming project. It's written in Java, which I learned while programming it. I haven't been developing it lately, and it currently does not work.
BTW: I got the best possible grade although the program wasn't even finished by that time, because my teacher was so fascinated by it for no reason (In hindsight I realized that it's programmed quite badly, e.g. I did not grasp OOP completely back then).